Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Applemania" by Dees-Deelights

A is for apple in this kit by
  Dees Deelights.
You can find it at  
My Memories.
Layouts by CT member  
Judy Underhill.
Apples are yummy and anything made from 
them is intoxicating.  Red, green and yellow 
and they come in many types.  Fall is time to 
go to apple orchard and get those wonderful 
treasures.  Scrap those pictures of your fun or 
dig up those old recipes and make a apple 
recipe book.  Special thanks to Dee for giving 
us this tasty kit.
Now make your life easier.
 Just add your pictures to my pages.  
You can now get my pages in 
Quick Page and Template form at  

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